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We are not just a team of gamers. MBSTRS is
a Gaming Organisation, Agency & Community.
We are Content Creators, Esports Players,
Graphic Designers & much more.

Our Story

We began as a team of friends, streaming and playing games in our free time. ‘MBSTRS’ [Mobsters] is an amalgamation of ‘The Mahano’ & ‘Millicast’ – our founders’ online aliases.

Our long term goal is to become established as a unique organisation, supporting our community members’ aspirations, each & every step of the way – in addition to producing a wide range of top quality content for our viewers’ entertainment.

We believe everybody should feel included. No matter who you are or what personal interests you might have, our community welcomes you. Escape reality and become whoever you want to be, with MBSTRS!

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